Using the notify feature to send information in tables to specific people

Hi I have been trying to add an automation to the customer tracking app where it sends me an email when information is added to a specific table. Within this email I would like the information added to be displayed. Is it possible to add data from the tables to these notify messages?

@Roha-c0c7 I can't find it documented anywhere, but yes, it is possible.

Just type "=" while writing the text of a message and it will insert a data cell, just like in the app builder. So your email might look like:

New data added:
Col1: =[Col1]
Col2: =[Col2]

This will work well if you're only trying to report back a few pieces of data. If you need to report a lot of data, it might be better to make a detail view for the row, and then add a link to the email that will send the user straight to that view in the app.

Hi @Roha-c0c7, this article on triggers and actions for notifications might be helpful - check out the Row Added or Deleted section:

Do you know how to make it show the most recent data added or the last row of the column added?

Try the function =findlastrow() it works just like a filter function, only it always returns the last row in the set.