🐝 What do you want to see in Honeycode's new experience?

As many know, we released the new experience in early April.

Have you created an app in our updated editor?

Images, a long requested feature, is now available. What other capabilities do you need in the app editor? The Honeycode team wants to hear from you!

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Hey CherFaire - First, two of my top features were added to the new experience i.e. image support and sequential ID, so that's fantastic. Thanks to the team on that!

For new features, I would love to see

  • Data export support, both per table and for an entire work book as a bulk operation
  • An advanced mode for app creation that offers more of the flexibility to 'build your own' that was available in the classic UI. The new, simpler app design process is cleaner, and I am enjoying using it, but I am already running into limitations.
  • Confirmation dialogs on delete actions in the app views. Delete actions are immediate now, which is not ideal for such destructive actions.

Finally, this is less of a feature, and more UX feedback: The data import support is quite limited compared to the earlier iteration. A few examples:

  • When importing data, the Honeycode table won't auto add columns if the incoming data has more columns than the table. When trying to remedy this by manually adding columns it becomes apparent that columns can only be added to a Honeycode table one at a time. :neutral_face: This can be quite painful (or a non-starter) if trying to import large data sets using the UI.
  • If a Honeycode table's column has any data in any of its row, then the formats available for that column become limited to a subset of options. I don't know if this is a feature or a bug, but it is very frustrating when trying to import data when coupled with the previously listed limitation. Essentially, to import data you have to add all of the expected columns manually and set their formats ahead of time, then import the data. If you change your mind about a particular data format after import, then you have to delete all of the data in that column, change the format, and then re-add the data. Really hope this is a bug.

Thanks for starting a feedback thread. Honeycode has been great to work with so far, and it is great to see you guys taking the such proactive steps to gather feedback and improve the product!

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It will be nice to have the possibility of using data from other sources like s3, sql , oracle etc to build apps on

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Thank you @Rawle and @Akah!

We really appreciate you taking the time to share your observations. I've shared your comments with the team to review.


It will be nice if we able to reposition elements in apps rather than having to delete and re-create in the correct order

Hello @Akah,

Please excuse the tardy reply. You can use the properties panel to "map" and "unmap" fields within the screen components. Check out our article on extending a template by adding a summary screen. I've linked to the section regarding updating available fields.

Thanks to @Rawle and @Akah for sharing their thoughts on making the new experience better. :smiley:

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