Will it be possible to create new components (or plugins) by the community?

Hi, I'm wondering if creating new components / plugins will be possible by the community or will they be rolled out by the AWS teams only?


Hi @Edga-5444, thanks for your question. I'm not sure I follow what you mean by "components / plugins". Can you please elaborate on what you are trying to achieve? That will better enable us to answer the question.

Hi Rajesh,

Thank you for your response. Sure thing, I mean to say, for example, the objects that can be dragged and dropped to create the screens, will those objects be provided by amazon team only? or will there be a way to create more from the community just to mention something in particular, a map or a graph. On the other hand, by plugins I mean having extra functionality, one example that comes to my mind would be scanning QR or barcodes (These are just very particular examples).

Thanks again!


+1 on the graphing capability... Would love to be able to visualize inputs in a simple xy graph.

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Plugins that allow the community to extend the platform with new form controls, automation events & actions and even full project templates will be great. https://bubble.io/ has both plugins and templates.

Looking great so far.


Add mapping as an object would be handy, such as https://www.openstreetmap.org/

Hello @Edga-5444, @Jaso-8da0, @Anee-860e, we'd love to gather more information from you on external integrations. Please take a moment to visit External Integrations - Share your feedback! and provide details around your use case. Thanks!

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