External Integrations - Share your feedback!

Hi Honeycoders,

We understand external integrations with other applications, such as APIs, is a popular request from our community. We’re exploring these requests and want to gather more information to better understand your feedback. If this is something that interests you or could help improve your Honeycode experience, please comment below this post and provide the following details:

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve? [example] “I’m building an analytics application and storing raw data in a DynamoDB table. I want to write a Lambda function to generate custom metrics by aggregating raw data.
  • What products, if any, are you looking to integrate with? [example] “Integrate with AWS Lambda,”Integrate with Trello and Jira,” “Integrate with Zapier,” etc.
  • Are you asking for more programmatic interfaces ? [examples] ODBC connectors, Table APIs, event bridge support, etc.
  • How are you/is your team currently blocked? [example] “Since I can’t integrate with AWS Lambda, I’m unable to get the event data with item key, event name (such as insert, update, and delete), and other relevant details.

As a reminder, use the heart “Like” icon when you agree with the poster and couldn’t have said it better. Please also avoid using “+1” as per our Community Guidelines.

Note: We’re unable to guarantee any of these feature requests will be implemented into Honeycode. Rest assured, we’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers.


Support for common graph database related query languages and APIs would be great and allow people to build more complex applications.

For example, Gremlin, Cypher, GQL, SPARQL should be included in order to allow developers connect to most popular graph databases like Neo4j, Neptune, OrientDB, TigerGraph, CosmosDB, RedisGraph etc.


Hello I would like to be able to create an application that lets me show the PDFs that are hosted on a user's local server and that lets me download this. It should be able to be created by means of some file manager plug-in that allows me to grant read permissions to a document for a certain time and only the user requesting it can anchor the document ID to the user ID


Hi @Taylor I would like to leverage a Lambda integration in order to synchronise Honeycode with an Alexa skill through S3 and DynamoDB. I will be able to use my Honeycode app (to-do) to read/update the data (tasks, project status...) from/to a custom Alexa skill. I am convinced that Honeycode is a perfect solution to be used jointly with Alexa skills for business purposes. Happy to share more information.


Example would be go through a number of steps built in Honeycode with one or more users involved. A final submission step then can take some configured data from that workflow and submit it using rest/graphql to a 3rd party service and update the request as submitted. If it failed would provide automatic retry capabilities, with a update if failed, either timeout or parse out a error message as confirgured by me for the request. Then it could either poll or accept webhook to process a reply from that service to then flow through another series of steps.


I want to use Honeycode as a simple spreadsheet, but I need:
Notification of changes
Ability to read all sheet data from Lambda.

Once Lambda has access to the data, I can integrate with anything else I need.

Please remove the requirement to create an App for this integration. Sheet columns/rows/cells/values should be available as raw properties of the sheet.

I'm blocked from using Honeycode due to two reasons:
Lack of Lambda integration.

In my opinion, subscribers should have zero-dollar access to read and write. Creators should be paying for the data.

Example competitor: Smartsheet.com


The Ask: Zapier. Once we have Zapier, then we can integrate Honeycode into our development workflow, and later on to everything else that we have already built for our customers. It's a RAD efficiency/strategy thing.

The Blockage: Because Zapier is effectively our "ESB" (for multiple projects across multiple industries), we are waiting for its availability before we get too serious about Honeycode.


Hello I would like to be able to create an application that lets me show the PDFs that are hosted on a user's local server and that lets me download this. It should be able to be created by means of some file manager plug-in that allows me to grant read permissions to a document for a certain time and only the user requesting it can anchor the document ID to the user ID




After having a couple of conversations with the higher up members of my team, we have decided that there are two main changes that would allow for us to integrate Honeycode into our system. They are included in the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the problem that you are looking to solve? - The DEV Team that I am a member of is looking to use Honeycode to replace an internal product / process management tool that we have created. To do this, we need to be able to make external calls to other web pages and databases as well as receive information from external databases.

  • What products, if any, are you looking to with? - There are two levels of integration that we are looking for. Firstly, we are looking to integrate Honeycode with all other AWS services, especially the database services such as DyanmoDB, RDS, Aurora, Redshift, and ElastiCache for Redis. Secondarily, we are looking for the ability to integrate API calls from external web pages to Honeycode that modify tables.

  • Are you asking for more programmatic interfaces? - Yes

  • How are you/ is your team currently blocked? - Without the ability to integrate with AWS services and to make and receive external API calls, we cannot create a fully automated product but rather the facade of one.


Conect with Zaippier.


I'm building a Revenue Forecasting application and storing Salesforce data into the Honeycode tables. I am looking to integrate Honeycode with Salesforce so the reports directly pulled from Salesforce can be imported into Honeycode, rather than going from Salesforce to Excel to Honeycode. Since I'm unable to integrate with Salesforce, I have to manually pull reports and copy and paste them into Honeycode, which is inefficient. I would also like to be able to export data from Honeycode and upload to Salesforce.

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I am still looking for the "no programming" solution to get data from an IoT device (using AWS IoT Core) to a web app. Honeycode is a step in the right direction, but still need the means of getting data from the IoT device into Honeycode. IoT can send data to other AWS resources - need to add Honeycode to the list of places IoT can send data, or need to let Honeycode get data from AWS databases (without any API programming).

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In today's world many systems require integration with a variety of web SAAS products. Things like SalesForce, Dropbox, Google apps (calendar, mail, etc.), internal and external database repositories (MySQL, Oracle, Postegres, SQL Server, etc.).

In many ways apps of Honeycode's size and scale represent the mortar that connects together all the disparate data "bricks" that exist in today's computing world. These apps tie together what is kept in separate data silos.

Microsoft Power Apps does a great job providing a bevy of connectors to many, many disparate sources. They take the voodoo out of having to understand API's, authentication and pushing and pulling data.

I think that's the goal. Make integration simpler. Honeycode has done a great job pushing the creation of online systems down to mere mortals. Imagine the apps organizations could/would create if they could easily integrate into the rest of their data universe.


We currently house our database within AWS. I need to be able to read and write from that database using Honeycode easily. I also would like to be able to utilize external API calls from other data sources.


We currently have several applications built on aws using lambda/dynamodb. I would love to be able to tap into dynamo (or use lambda as a proxy) if possible so that i can create an admin system for my apps.

A couple of things I need to do often is to loop over many items in a dynamo table toggling a value. I'd love to be able to do that from an interface in honeycomb instead of having to write scripts or export spreadsheets and reupload for processing

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What I am basically looking for is an appointment scheduling app like https://easyappointments.org/ where I can have my org users can take appointments from customers, and API should be available so that I can integrate this functionality in mobile as well.

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Also, be able to sync the calendars of users with external calendars such as google calendar, outlook, etc.


I just wrote a quick User-Story creation app with Honeycode where I can choose a User and a "Focus" (which could be to assign to an Epic instead" using Picklists. Then I just add info for "What" and "Why" and the table automatically concatenates the fields into the typical User Story template of: "As a [user], I want to [what], so that [why].
It would be really cool if it could then automatically send it to Jira (or another Backlog tool like that).
In other words, I could use the app on my phone in the meeting to quickly capture the important story details and have it automatically be sent over to Jira.
Anyway, it is an idea.

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I just need to be able to call into / out of a REST / HTTP endpoint at a minimum.

Some quick examples of the need.

On a customer record change -> call out to a document generation app / URL to generate contract / agreement.

Be able to query an external data source on new record creation to populate additional fields from a datastore.

Write a custom function to populate a pricing cell using a URL / webservice.