Workshop Series: Augmenting Data in Honeycode

Workshop Series: Augmenting Data in Honeycode (Episodes 1 - 5)

What if you have lots of data to review, approve, and augment? In the past, teams sent spreadsheets back and forth, and got approvals via email. With Amazon Honeycode, all of the content is in one place––no more spreadsheets, no more emails (except automated notification emails, if you want them). You can build a custom application to meet your specific business needs, invite the right collaborators, and augment and track the data easily with Amazon Honeycode - like it’s 2021!

In this workshop series, we’ll demonstrate how to take, for example, albums and song data, ingest it, augment it, approve it, and preview it. This is a medium to advanced lab where we’ll make use of automations, and link data from several tables in order to create an ingest and approval workflow. We’ll also reference CSV imports via Amazon AppFlow and other automated ways to ingest data into Honeycode.

Amazon Honeycode, a fully-managed AWS service, gives you the power to build powerful mobile & web applications, to manage your team’s workflow, without writing any code.

  • Episode 1 - Augmenting Data in Honeycode - Wide Tables and Narrow Apps

    • Description: In this Episode, we'll learn how to deal with wide tables in narrow web apps. This is a typical problem with all web apps, but in Honeycode, we'll show you how to create Tabs to show a few columns at a time. With this approach, you can easily overcome the “too-many-columns” problem to web apps. You’ll help focus the user’s attention on fewer columns, and provide inline and bulk editing capabilities.
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  • Episode 2 - Augmenting Data in Honeycode - Editing Records in Bulk and Inline Editing

    • Description: In this Episode, we'll take a look at how you can update many records at the same time. This is one of the benefits of editing in a spreadsheet, but what if you could make it just as easy in a web app? With Honeycode, we'll show you how to update the metadata for dozens of related records with a single click. We'll also show you how to modify unique records using the Inline Editing technique.
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  • Episode 3 - Augmenting Data in Honeycode - Context While Editing Records

    • Description: When augmenting data, it's sometimes important to see what's going on with similar records, or what was approved in the past. In this episode, we'll show you how to view related records and past approved data while you're editing a specific record. We'll also show you how to create reference links to third party websites, which give your editors more context and reference materials.
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  • Episode 4 - Augmenting Data in Honeycode - Importing and Exporting Data and Automations

    • Description: Often times you'll want to bring data from outside sources, convert it, and manage it in Honeycode. In this video, we'll cover some of the ways you can move data in and out of Honeycode. We'll look at copy and paste, APIs, Amazon AppFlow, and Zapier. We'll also point out where you can get help and learn more about integrating with other systems, and making Honeycode part of your business tool set.
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  • Episode 5 - Augmenting Data in Honeycode - Managing Approvals with Multiple Teams

    • Description: What if you need many eyes to review or approve a specific record or set of records? What if you have multiple contacts in the Marketing, Legal, and Production teams, and you want anyone in those teams to be able to approve? In this Episode, we'll show a simple way to get other teams involved in approving and commenting on content as it moves through your Honeycode app.
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Thank you @Taylor for sharing the list of episodes and the link to the recordings. That's great :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback, @Joel-1ada! We're going to be sharing more of these recordings with all of you :honeybee:


I think I missed episode 2.
When was it?
Waiting for the recording to be available soon.

Hello, and welcome back @sacp! Episode 2 in the series was recorded internally. We're waiting for the video to be uploaded, and then we'll provide the link when ready.

Thanks for your interest in the series! Please keep the feedback and comments coming our way :honeybee:


Hello Honeycode team

Any update on when the link to the video recording will be available?

Welcome to our community, @Gsanchezc! Thanks for your interest in our workshops. We're currently editing the videos, and are targeting to publish this week. We appreciate your patience :slight_smile:

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Hi @Gsanchezc, we've uploaded the video recordings onto this post. Please let us know if you have any questions or experience any issues watching them :honeybee: