Export Data

:bulb: Note: Use this article for both Classic and New Experience workbooks.

In this article, we will explain how to export your Honeycode data, a handy way to get you info organized into a CSV file(s).

:hammer_and_wrench: Tips:

  1. In order to complete these steps, you must be the owner of the workbook.
  2. For classic workbooks, only table data will export. If you have the uncommon scenario of data existing outside of the table in the sheet (i.e., data in the spreadsheet outside of the table's green outline), you must move it to inside the green outline for it to export. Formulas will not export, but their display values will. Automation and app data is unable to export.
  3. For new experience workbooks, data exports from all tables, including images. Formulas will not export, however, the display values will.
  4. In addition to the steps below, you may also programmatically export data via Honeycode's APIs:


  1. In the dashboard, select the app's ellipsis.

  1. Select export data.

  1. Select export.

  2. Select download.

  3. Access your downloads and locate the ZIP file containing the CSV file(s) and image file(s).