Feature Request: Quick filters/searches

Would be nice to have buttons that allowed me to set defaults for filters or quick buttons for search queries.

Two examples I want is I have an app with multiple users and I would like the list view to only show items with their email by default. They can change the filter if they want but it should show their items when they load the page.

I also want quick searches/filters for things like "This Month" or "Last 30 days". As the data grows it's going to get hard to manage without being able to set some sensible defaults.

Hi @rothgar, thanks for this post as well!

In regards to your first note, you can personalize app views to set what each user sees in a given app. Check out this article with more info around this: How to Personalize App Views.

For your second note, one solution is that you could have another column that categorizes data by month (or particular time periods). This would allow you to then be able to create filters or picklists from that data.

I'll still submit your request of being able to have quick selectable filters for time data, but let me know if what I've provided helps. Thank you! :honeybee:

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