How to build common functionalities?

How can I create a simple user registration form, login form & lost password form? I want all my users to be able to create their users >> Validate their email addresses >> login and/or recover their passwords.

Surprisingly, I am unable to find any documentation on this simplest functionality.


Hi @Hima-59f5 ,

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Honeycode is a teams application and admins must invite users to their teams. Here is some documentation that might help:

There is a survey application in the new experience that you could use to record all user information:

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Thanks Evelyn,

I appreciate your response. I think I did not properly conveyed my question. I understand the process for the team members to join and have access.

My requirement is to build an application for my site visitors to join and create their bare minimum profile page and get access to the restricted content. Simple functionality to start with and expand it later based on the response from users.

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Here are the steps to create a user registration form, login form, and lost password form

  1. Create a new Honeycode workbook and table.
  2. Add Username, Email address, and Password columns to the table.
  3. Create a new screen with a form that includes text fields for username and email, and a password field.
  4. Save the screen.
  5. Create a new workflow to validate the email, create a new user, and send an email with a password reset link.
  6. Save the workflow.
  7. Test the forms by creating a new user, logging in, and resetting the password.

Note: This will be restricted to members of your team and not visitors . I think you can also leverage aws iam for this scenario.

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Thanks Akah,

I appreciate your solution. This is what I was looking for. However, one thing I want to clarify. Is it even possible to build an application, using honeycode, for my customers which I am expecting to grow close to 1000 by the end of this year?

I do not want to spend time on building something that cannot be used by my customers, in other words, that doesn't meet my requirements.

Thanks in advance.


It is not. Honeycode Apps are not for public access, only invited team members get access.
The free version has a limit of 20 team members. After that you pay at least 9,99 $/month for every new team member.

Hope that helps