Simple Feedback Survey

Hello all,

I am trying to create a simple survey app for customer.
I will have 1 device with 1 account log in to that device.
I wonder if that's possible so that when someone enter the feedback from the device it will add the result survey in different rows and not replacing the first row only because it comes from the same account/device.
Please let me know if there is any option for this.

Thank you,


Hi @Risky, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

The Simple Survey template is set up to associate the user to a particular row in a table (meaning there is only one row / one response per user).

If you wish to have an app with a form that instead adds a new row to a table, you can easily set this up using the App Wizard or the Form object in Builder.

To do this, create a new workbook, add a table which has your form or survey questions (think of each column as the fields you want the user to input), and then use the App Wizard to create a form from the Survey table (which will add new rows to that table when submitted).

Builder also has a "Form" object, which allows you to create a button on the screen which will take a user to a form to fill out and submit:

Hope that helps get you started! Let us know if you need any further assistance with building. :slight_smile: :honey_pot:

Thank you for your help.
Finally managed to create it.

Another question.
Is it possible to add image for the survey?
Or adding big smiley icons to the survey?

Thank you

Hi @Risky! Thanks for checking back in and sharing this update. It's great to hear you finished your survey app :smiley:

At this time, Honeycode doesn't support images; however, you can add emojis to personalize your apps. Here are a couple resources you can check out: here and here.

Hope this helps, but let us know if you have any other questions along the way! Happy building :honeybee:

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I'm using the flamingo and peacock emojis on my apps:



Hello Taylor,

Thank you for the reply.
The issue I am facing right now is the emojis are too small.
Is it possible to make the emojis bigger?
The max text size is 32, are you guys able to increase the text size by any chance?

Thank you,

Hi @Risky, I just tested and looks like you're unable to enlarge the emojis in Honeycode. No news on the text size limit, but I'll pass along your comments to the Product team. Note that we do have an official feature request to support images, which the team is also prioritizing based on customer feedback.

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Thank you for the response.
Yes, that would be nice to have this feature added especially for my project. :wink:
Will wait for the update on this. Any link I can follow on this feature request?

Regarding the limit of 20 people in the team.
Is that the limit we can add people to be able to edit the project or is it the limit of people can use our final product app?

Of course! I recommend watching our Announcements category to get the latest news and updates for Honeycode. This is where we'll also share release notes, upcoming events, and the Explorer Series :slight_smile:

Regarding the team limit, the Basic plan includes 20 members, whether they're app users, admins, or builders. If you'd like to extend beyond 20 team members, you can upgrade to our Plus or Pro plans. See our Pricing & Billing FAQs to learn more :honeybee:

Thank you for the clarification.
Have a great one.

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