Troubleshooting Loading Issues

If you are seeing the error, “There was an error loading your workbooks,” it’s because Honeycode is currently experiencing a loading timeout issue.

We’ve identified a few known causes of these timeouts, which can help you troubleshoot the root of your particular situation.

  • VPN or firewall rules
    Some VPN/Firewall/Security software have been known to block requests made by Honeycode. If you have such software installed, you can request your IT administrator to add an exception for Honeycode.

  • Browser extensions or pop-up blockers
    You can check to ensure that your browser does not have any extensions or pop-up blockers that may be blocking Honeycode.

  • Congested or slow network connections
    If you are on a slower connection, network lag may cause this error intermittently. If that be the case, a refresh should be able to load the workbook.

If none of these solutions help, please submit a user issue report to us to further investigate. You can do so from the Honeycode Builder by clicking on the "Help" icon in the left-hand panel > Report an issue.

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