View & Share an App

Viewing an app enables you to see what the end user will experience. You can check out your edits in real time!

Sharing an app grants end users access to your masterpiece.


Sharing apps and workbooks can be done in the following areas of Honeycode:

  • In the Dashboard you can share any workbooks and apps
  • In Tables you can share your current workbook
  • In Builder you can share your app or, use the pull-down to share your workbook, which includes any apps in the workbook
  • When viewing an app, owners and collaborators can share the app

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: Please note the below steps assume you have already built an app. If not, you can share the workbook and all apps later created will be automatically shared with your workbook collaborators and owners.

  1. From within your workbook, click into Builder.

  1. Click View app in the upper right corner of Builder.

Check out your live Web app and try out its features!

  1. To share an app from within the Web runtime preview, click Share in the upper right corner. Sharing here is limited to current team members.

  1. Or, to invite new team members, click back to Builder and click Share in the upper right corner. Here you can choose the share just the app or the workbook and all underlying apps.

Share App_gif
Sharing an app with an existing and a new team member

  1. Type the name or email address with whom you want share.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: Begin typing the name or email address of your current team member to share the asset. To share your workbook and/or app with team members who have not previously been members of your team, type their complete email address.

  1. If sharing a workbook, choose the new team member's role - either Owner or Collaborator.

When adding new a team member, Honeycode will remind you that continuing to share will automatically invite the person to be a member of your team.

  1. Click Update.

Honeycode will send an email invitation to your new contact, inviting them to sign-up for Honeycode and join your team. The invitation is valid for 14 days.

Share App_gif
Sharing an app with an existing and a new team member

Overview of sharing workbooks and apps

For details on sharing with team members, please see our Sharing Workbooks & Apps overview.

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