The Honeycode Buzz | Sharing made easier and automation logs

Hello Honeycoders,

Fall is here and we’re continuing our work to improve the Amazon Honeycode experience so teams can build faster and focus more time on GSD (getting stuff done) :wink:. We're excited to announce that we've made sharing workbooks and apps easier and added runtime logs! In addition, we've simplified setting up a picklist in your tables and some templates received a face-lift using the new styling tools released last month.

Check out the details below.


:earth_americas: Sharing made easier

You asked—and we listened. Now you can invite new members to your team when sharing workbooks and apps. When you share to new teammates, Honeycode will automatically invite them to sign up for Honeycode and add them to your team. How’s that for easy collaboration? While we were at it, we extended the invitation expiration to 14-days.

You can find more details in Sharing Workbooks & Apps and Adding Team Members.

:gear: Verify automations are running

Builders need visibility into whether automations are running as designed. We’ve added runtime logs to give you a 30-day history of automation executions across tables and apps. Run history lets you review the status of running automations to verify which automations ran successfully and take action when an automation fails to run.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: The 30-day history will start to build once the feature is available.

Our Debugging Automations article has been updated with the details.


:computer: Simplified column properties

Last month we helped ensure the integrity of your data when adding formulas to your tables. This month we’ve simplified column formatting to make it easier to set up rowlinks & picklists. Select the Rowlink & picklist format, then select the source. It’s that fast!

We also removed the Save button. Fewer clicks are better, don’t you think?


Check it out in the Data Modeling 101 article or live in Honeycode.

:hammer_and_wrench: Templates

With Honeycode, templates help you get started faster. We’ve updated our most popular templates - Team Task Tracker, Inventory Management, and Simple To Do - with the latest border styling options. We’ll continue to update our library of templates with new features and update progress in our release notes!

Above is a sample of how border styles improved readability for the Task screen in our Team Tasks Tracker template.

Honeycode Team

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